Market Change 18.6.20

There’s been a lot of talk about how well the UK Property market is doing since restrictions in England were lifted in mid May. But, with the other home nations having started the easing of restrictions this week, what can they potentially expect to see in the forthcoming weeks? Well, since restrictions were lifted in England on 13th May, this is how the market has been split between the nations (figures correct up to 16th June 2020):

So it’s pretty clear to see where the market is moving. The hope is that when the other home nations ease their restrictions, then the pent-up demand will come through, just like it has in England. The Northern Irish market only opened up again this Monday (15th June), so we’re yet to see significant data from the region since.

If we look at these numbers on a week by week comparison with 2019, we’ll see that we’re generally running at 100% of the same week in 2019, even with only England’s market being fully open for business (the NI market will be open in next week’s numbers):