Knight Removals: The Best Mover

Having been a keen chess player from a very young age, I was always fascinated by the way the Knight moves and how using just the two Knights and one other piece, you can destroy your opponent in no time at all.

So some tips to remember when playing.

The Knight should always be placed closed to the action and play a key part of control for the middle. It should be placed in the centre 16 squares, where each Knight then attacks 8 squares at once. Placed on the edge of the board it is weak and attacks only four and placed in the corner only two, this is insanity and you are probably going to lose it.

Watch out for forks

A multiple attack is the most dangerous weapon of the sturdy Knight, a fork is a tactic where by the Knight makes two or more direct attacks simultaneously, most commonly two pieces are threatened which can be called a double attack. The attacker usually aims to gain material by capturing one of the opponents pieces.

Remember the Knight is the only piece in chess that you cannot blocked when placed in check, it is also the only piece other than a pawn that can open.

The KNIGHT: The Best Mover