Knight Removals….. The Unmoved Movers

Having been interested in Philosophy and more so the ancient Greek Philosophers and studying the Sophists and Pre-Socratic thinkers I would like to write a little about a Post-Socratic Philosopher (and in my opinion) one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Aristotle.

Aristotle claimed (350 years BC)  that everything in the universe is in flux (something we now know to be true) in other words everything is in motion. So since everything is moved by something Aristotle says that there must be something that imparts motion without itself being moved.(The Unmoved Mover no less) otherwise there would be an infinite regress of movers. (An axiom for Aristotle is that an infinite regress of movers is impossible) .

Now according to the main man himself all movable things are only potentially in motion. So….. they require something else to act upon them in order to be set in motion.

So matter or the thing itself does not move but it contains in itself the source of motion. So if there was no unmoved mover there could be no motion because a moved mover requires a cause of its own motion in order to move and remember no infinite regress is possible.

So ……………………………………………….

There can only be one unmoved mover (You can call it what you like)

Because many unmoved movers are just not necessary it only takes one to produce a continuous motion and……….this bit is important… An Unmoved Mover causing eternal motion must likewise be eternal.

And for those that question eternal motion, well if motion were not eternal then time would not have always existed. And since time is the measure of motion then if time had not always existed then time itself would have a start point. That start point would not have a past contradicting the definition of time itself (past, present, future)

So…….  Knight Removals……….. The Unmoved Movers