Year: 2015


Moving home is a perfect opportunity to assess your personal inventory and have a good old fashioned clear out. Having less clutter in your new abode will help when the real work begins – unpacking. So whether you are downsizing,

Knight Removals….. The Unmoved Movers

Having been interested in Philosophy and more so the ancient Greek Philosophers and studying the Sophists and Pre-Socratic thinkers I would like to write a little about a Post-Socratic Philosopher (and in my opinion) one of the greatest thinkers of

Knight Removals: The Best Mover

Having been a keen chess player from a very young age, I was always fascinated by the way the Knight moves and how using just the two Knights and one other piece, you can destroy your opponent in no time

Knight Removal Moving and Packing Tips

7 TIPS YOU MAY FIND HELPFUL FOR MOVING HOUSE Moving house is a process that many people do not look forward to and forward planning makes for a better moving day all round. Good packing is essential for damage free

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As you can see, our new website is now live.

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